Preparation = A Puppy-Love Experience

Preparation = A Puppy-Love Experience

One of life’s biggest joys is bringing home a puppy that will grow to be a faithful friend and family member. Begin with a little preparation to keep from becoming overwhelmed by the trials of puppy training and the misadventures of puppyhood. Keep the following tips in mind to help your puppy make a successful adjustment to your home:

Plan ahead. Don’t be taken by surprise with the amount of time and money that caring for a pet requires. Make sure your budget and daily schedule can handle the task.

Decide beforehand on boundaries. Puppies are so cute that you’ll want to cuddle with them all the time—but don’t. If you want your grown-up dog to stay out of your bed and off the sofa, you must teach him this as a puppy. Don’t want your dog to beg for food? Stop yourself before you share that last bite of BBQ with him. Learn to use treats as a training reward, but be aware of what you are training your puppy to do.

Expect puppy behavior. A puppy, like a baby, is learning about himself and his new world all the time. He will need comfort and attention from you. Expect him to cry, romp, chew, dig, bark, and pee. For a successful and enjoyable puppyhood for you and your dog, you should be prepared for these behaviors.

Have the right stuff. When you bring your puppy home, you’ll have an easier time if you have already acquired these essentials:

  • A quality puppy food (preferably the same one he’s been eating)
  • Water & food bowls
  • A leash & collar that fit him
  • An ID tag with your contact information
  • A kennel that is sized for him & outfitted with a cozy blanket or cushion
  • Puppy chews & toys
  • A supply of pet potty pads

Shop for these items before you get your pup. You’ll make better choices and have more fun.

4-Legged Friends Is Here to Help With Your New Puppy!

At 4-Legged Friends, we know it’s hard to balance your busy schedule with your puppy’s needs. We’re here for busy Metro Detroit pet owners, offering cageless daycare, training classes, and overnight boarding. Give us a call today at 734-522-7297 to make a reservation or take a tour of our facility. We’d love to make your puppy part of our family, too!