Tips for a Stress-Free Boarding Experience

Tips for a Stress-Free Boarding Experience

It’s not always possible for our four-legged family members to accompany us on every adventure and outing. At 4-Legged Friends, we are happy to play host for your dog or cat when you’re out of town on business, enjoying a family trip, or managing a family emergency.

Unfortunately, boarding can be a stressful experience for our feline or canine pals. Being away from home and missing their people causes some pets to act out, avoid eating, pace, or chew. In serious separation anxiety cases, the best situation may be an in-home pet sitter. Most of the time, though, you can take a few measures to minimize stress and help your pet settle into a clean, comfortable boarding facility for a vacation of their own. Things to consider before drop-off:

  1. Make an after-hours appointment to tour the facility where your pet will stay. The play, sleep and yard areas should be clean and sanitary. Discuss cleaning procedures, supervision policies, and anything else you are curious about. Trust your gut feeling. It will generally tell you if the animals are happy and well cared for.
  2. Bring your pet’s favorite things. From special toys to their favorite blanket or bed, your pet’s belongings are important to them. 4-Legged Friends encourages you to pack an overnight bag with the items that will make your dog or cat most comfortable. You may even want to include a t-shirt or something with your family’s scent so Fido feels more at home.
  3. Bring your pet’s favorite food and treats. While reputable boarding facilities serve quality food for an extra fee, your dog or cat’s digestive tract is sensitive. Boarding can make pets nervous, so keep their routine in whatever way possible. Don’t forget to bring medications or other daily supplements, too.
  4. Make your goodbyes quick. Don’t linger when you drop off your pet. They can sense your stress! Instead, smile and say a quick goodbye. Your pet will love his or her time at 4-Legged Friends, and you can call anytime to check in.
  5. If you have a chance, leave your dog at daycare a few times before boarding. Give your pet time to become comfortable with the staff, the facility, and the new routine. They’ll be experts by the time you drop them off for their first overnight!

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At 4-Legged Friends, we provide a “home away from home” boarding experience. From our clean, safe facility to our 24/7 supervision, you can rest easy knowing that your family members are happy, healthy, and loved. Returning customer? Click here to access our online reservation system. New to 4LF? Call 734.522.7297 to learn more about overnight stays