“I have been bringing my dog to 4-Legged Friends for almost seven years. My dog loves it here! He goes once a week to just hang out with his friends, and he also boards with them. Jen and her staff are amazing! I would highly recommend 4-Legged Friends to anyone!”

“I’ve been bringing my dog to 4-Legged Friends for almost a year now, from one to three times a week. It is extremely important that my dog is socialized with other dogs. Prior to bringing her to 4-Legged Friends, I took her to a different facility. There was a reason I tried 4-Legged Friends, and more than one reason why I stay.

Right off, I believe the staff is fantastic and their procedures are extremely helpful. On the infrequent occasions my dog has had an issue in daycare, when I pick her up the staff will say, “Hold on, there’s a note in the computer…” They will then say something like, “There was an issue with guarding behavior. She was hoarding food and became aggressive with staff when they tried to take it away.” The staff goes out of their way to tell me if she was playing with the other dogs, if she kept to herself, and everything else about her day.

My dog can’t wait to get in the door in the morning, and walks out exhausted but happy at the end of the day. A combination of the kindness and professionalism of the staff, the regular and important updates about my dog’s behavior and well-being while in their care, and the fact that my dog absolutely loves going here makes me rank 4-Legged Friends five stars out of five. Give them a try. Trust them with your best friend. Hopefully, you’ll be as thrilled with them as I am.”

“What a great place for my two dogs. I can leave them for a weekend or a week with no worries! I love being able to watch their activities on the cams. I highly recommend this place if pets are part of your family and you are looking for quality care!”

“Our dog loves coming to daycare here. The attendants work very well with him and take amazing care of all the animals. I would highly recommend this location to anyone for daycare and boarding.”

“My pooch Digby loves staying at 4-Legged Friends. He gets super excited every time we pull in, and he sleeps a very content sleep after he comes home. The staff is great and obviously loves and cares for the dogs. That’s why we keep coming back.”

“Molly just loves spending the day with all her friends. She actually starts dancing when we pull into the parking lot and scratches at the door to get in. When I pick her up, she falls asleep on the way home because she is exhausted from playing all day. Great place and wonderful people!”

“This is an amazing place. They left me voicemails while we were in Florida letting me know how my dogs were doing. I have English bulldogs that are sometimes high-maintenance, and they always kept the fan on them to keep them cool. We will definitely be using them again when we go on vacation and maybe even sending them once a week for daycare.”

“Myles and I love this place. He is so excited when he gets there. The staff is great, and Myles is exhausted when he gets home. I like the fact that he can play with the other puppies and release some energy while we are at work. I’d recommend this place to anyone with a dog.”

“Jen runs the BEST doggy daycare around town! If you are looking for a place to drop your dog off and not worry about them for the day, this is the place to be. Nola gets very excited when she hears the word ‘daycare.’ The facility is well maintained and always clean. You feel like part of a family when you are dropping off or picking up, and their rates are some of the best around.”

“I feel very comfortable with leaving my loving ‘kids’ here. Charlie and Lily are tired from playing all day with their friends. It’s a clean and very big facility, and I love the toys and beds they have for the dogs. The webcam is nice, since I can check on them anytime. The place is clean, which is an A++. The staff is great and they really care for the pets. It’s a bit out of our way, but totally worth it. I highly recommend 4-Legged Friends!”