Mind Your Manners With Training Buddies, LLC

In partnership with Training Buddies, LLC, we provide puppy and manners training that helps you forge a strong, secure bond with your dog. Training Buddies’ certified dog trainers have a skilled understanding of animal behavior. Teaching you to mentor your dog using positive reinforcement techniques, the Training Buddies’ team focuses on skills like:

  • Basic obedience
  • How to behave around houseguests
  • Loose-leash training
  • Human & canine socialization
  • Impulse control

The Training Buddies’ Philosophy

At Training Buddies, LLC, you are the teacher and your dog is the student. Equipping you with the tools you need to teach your dog desirable behaviors, your certified trainer will model force-free, rewards-based training methods. Positive reinforcement methods are scientifically proven to work without the need for choking, shocking, or jerking the collar of your dog. We do not have to cause dogs pain to teach them manners. Instead, you’ll build a loving, trusting relationship with your canine companion.

About Sandy Patton, Owner of Training Buddies, LLC

Sandy Patton, ABCDT, is a certified dog trainer who graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College. Animal Behavior College is nationally and internationally recognized, and is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. Sandy continued her education by attending seminars like Ian Dunbar’s Science-Based Dog Training with Feeling and Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems.

Passionate about animals, Sandy has volunteered in dog rescues for the last several years. Her knowledge of dog training and canine body language led her to form Training Buddies, LLC, where she teaches dog manners that last a lifetime.

Schedule Training

To request an updated training schedule, enroll your dog in a class, or inquire about training methods, call Sandy Patton directly at 734.718.3291 or email [email protected].

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