Zoey – dog of the month


September 2016

Congratulations to Zoey the miniature Australian Shepherd! Zoey is a regular social butterfly, but it wasn’t always that way. When Zoey was a puppy, she was too scared of meeting new dogs to come to daycare. After a little time passed, she came back for a second try. While she was still nervous, she’d grown brave enough to try a day on Bark Avenue. By the end of the day she was bouncing around like an old pro. Since her bashful puppy days, Zoey has made countless friends. She’ll play with anybody who will accept her invitation. Some of her favorite friends include Thor the Shih Tzu, Tina Fey the Italian Greyhound, and Sugaree, another mini Aussie. She’s made plenty of human friends as well, and will jump into their arms to show them how much she loves them. We love you too, Zoey!