Tina fey – dog of the month


January 2017

Congratulations to Tina Fey the Italian Greyhound! Tina plays with the other smaller dogs on Bark Avenue. Some of her best friends include fellow Italian Greyhounds Maude and Harvey, Thor the Shih Tzu, Darla the Golden Doodle, and Nala the Golden Doodle, but she’s not picky. Tina will play with almost anybody who accepts her invitation.  When she’s not playing with her pals, Tina can be found soaking up the rays outside or snuggled up in a blanket during the colder months. She loves her human friends and will often dance around on her hind legs when she’s greeting them and will give ear nibbles when she’s being held. It’s safe to say that everybody here at 4LF loves Tina too!