4LF’s Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in 4-Legged Friends. For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to many of our customers’ everyday questions below. If you have additional questions, call 732.522.7297, and a friendly team member will be happy to help!

Dog Daycare

Why should I use dog daycare?

There are many reasons customers use our daycare services. Some of them work long hours and don’t want to crate their friend all day. Others don’t have the time to provide their dog with the activity they need to stay healthy. Our Metro Detroit dog daycare is also ideal for:

  • Physically challenged or post-surgical clients who are unable to exercise their dogs regularly.
  • People with high-energy or anxiety-ridden pets that become stressed or destructive when left alone.
  • Apartment or condominium owners whose dogs bark or disrupt other residents.
  • New parents or busy families who don’t have time to exercise their furry family member.
  • Dogs that enjoy socialization and interaction with other animals.
What are the benefits of daycare for my dog?

Daycare does wonders for dogs! It contributes to physical fitness, keeps them mentally stimulated, builds confidence, and improves social skills. As a bonus, you’ll pick up a happy, relaxed dog, rather than coming home to a frustrated dog with an overabundance of energy.

How long does my pet play at daycare?

4-Legged Friends is a cage-free facility, so your dog is never confined. Our guests play all day and lie down when they wish. Our modern facility has comfortable, padded floors with beds scattered throughout, so your dog has many options when it’s time to rest.

Who will be with my dog all day?

An experienced staff of dog lovers will supervise your pet during day play. Team members are trained in dog behavior, group play management, and first aid—and your dog is never left unattended. There are humans in our play areas at all times: maintaining a calm, safe environment and cleaning up after our four-legged friends. Our team is also happy to feed puppies or dogs with special medical needs during their daytime stay.

Do you separate dogs by size?

While we believe that dogs should learn how to interact appropriately with pooches of all sizes, we do keep dogs weighing less than 20 pounds in our small dog play area. Dogs over 20 pounds are individually assessed to determine which of our other two playrooms is the best fit for them.  Throughout the day, we carefully monitor all dog behavior to ensure every pet’s safety.

Can I take a tour?

While we would love to let the public wander our facility, it becomes immediately disruptive and stressful for the pets in our care to have strangers observing them.  So we had a virtual tour created that allows you to fully explore our boarding and daycare areas inside and out any time you like! We also have live webcams so you can observe what is happening in real time.  Click on the link below to get started on the tour.

Virtual Tour

Dog & Cat Boarding

What can I bring for my dog or cat’s stay?

Feel free to bring whatever makes your best friend comfortable. Food and treats are welcome since they help pets maintain dietary routines. Our facility is also equipped with a refrigerator and microwave for unique feeding needs, and we feed your pet the way they are accustomed to eating at home. If you do not provide your own food, you can purchase meals from us. We feed Earthborn Holistic® dry kibble to our guests. We also provide food and water bowls.

We keep each guest’s belongings in the room or space they will occupy. If you forget your pet’s favorite item, we have bully sticks, bones, toys, and other retail items for purchase.

Where will my dog sleep?

Rooms are equipped with Kuranda beds, which elevate your dog off of the floor. If your dog has a favorite blanket or bed, feel free to bring it along.

Where will my cat sleep?

4LF gives you the choice of a custom condo or a private room designed to meet the special needs of felines. The condos offer the height cats crave, and include windows so they can keep an eye on things. A state-of-the-art ventilation system is integrated into the condos, assuring your precious friend stays healthy and clean. Your cat can also sprawl out in one of our 5 larger indoor Tabby Road rooms, which is equipped with personal webcams and provides ample space to run.

What will my dog do all day?

Social canine friends attend daycare and enjoy the company of other friendly dogs. If your dog is not suited for group play, our team members provide them with private attention and exercise, instead.

Does anyone spend the night in the building?

Yes! We are one of the only facilities in the region to be staffed 24/7, so you can rest easy.

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People & pets love us

“What a great place for my two dogs. I can leave them for a weekend or a week with no worries! I love being able to watch their activities on the cams. I highly recommend this place if pets are part of your family and you are looking for quality care!”

— Karen D. Parzuchowski

“Molly just loves spending the day with all her friends. She actually starts dancing when we pull into the parking lot and scratches at the door to get in. When I pick her up, she falls asleep on the way home because she is exhausted from playing all day. Great place and wonderful people!”

— Kelly Kendall

“My pooch Digby loves staying at 4-Legged Friends. He gets super excited every time we pull in, and he sleeps a very content sleep after he comes home. The staff is great and obviously loves and cares for the dogs. That’s why we keep coming back.”

— Lisa Scannell
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