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After the purchase of my first home came the first dog I owned as an adult. She was a 10-month-old black lab mix named Mia, and I got her from the Humane Society. The card on her cage said, “Not good with children or other animals.” That eventually proved to be completely untrue.

I soon realized that Mia was very destructive; not because she was a bad dog, but because she was too energetic to be left alone while I was at work all day. Fortunately, we loved her through her toughest adolescent days (not that they weren’t challenging!), and she became best friends with our cat, Tuesday. Mia was just shy of nine years old when she began coming to daycare. Every morning she would dance in circles when I asked her if she wanted to “go to work.” She adored her daycare buddies!

I had no problem understanding why Mia ended up at the Humane Society in the first place. She was at that age when dogs chew too much, bark too much, and have too much energy. It’s difficult. If anything, Mia taught me why what I do is important. We help countless families get through that point in most dogs’ lives when their owners are ready to give up. In the morning, they drop off a hyper, bouncing-off-the-walls dog. In the evening, they pick up a ready-for-dinner-and-a-12-hour-nap dog!

I am proud of 4-Legged Friends. Established in 2000, we are not the Wal-Mart of pet care, nor are we a discount chain. We’re a mom-and-pop business where you are guaranteed quality in a family atmosphere. All pets are treated like our own; we love them, and they know it. Whether they board with us five days a week or stay for an occasional overnight visit, they receive the best care we can give them.

If only there had been a 4-Legged Friends when Mia was growing up! It would have saved many shoes and a favorite overstuffed chair.

Thank you sincerely for allowing us to be your best friend’s home away from home. We work hard to earn your trust and are honored to partner with your family.


Jennifer Thompson
Owner, 4-Legged Friends Daycare & Boarding

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“What a great place for my two dogs. I can leave them for a weekend or a week with no worries! I love being able to watch their activities on the cams. I highly recommend this place if pets are part of your family and you are looking for quality care!”

— Karen D. Parzuchowski

“Molly just loves spending the day with all her friends. She actually starts dancing when we pull into the parking lot and scratches at the door to get in. When I pick her up, she falls asleep on the way home because she is exhausted from playing all day. Great place and wonderful people!”

— Kelly Kendall

“My pooch Digby loves staying at 4-Legged Friends. He gets super excited every time we pull in, and he sleeps a very content sleep after he comes home. The staff is great and obviously loves and cares for the dogs. That’s why we keep coming back.”

— Lisa Scannell
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